Detect exosomes
Not dye aggregates

Explore Biotium's line of validated ExoBrite™ stains and antibodies designed for optimal detection of purified or bead-bound EVs and exosomes by flow cytometry.


ExoBrite CTB Annexin WGA separate

SEC purified EVs stained with three different ExoBrite™ stains: ExoBrite™ 560/585 Annexin Stain, ExoBrite™ 490/515 WGA Stain, and ExoBrite™ 410/450 CTB Stain.


ExoBrite™ Annexin V, CTB, and WGA  conjugates optimized for bright and sensitive EV staining.

biotium-blue-checkmark-1ExoBrite™ CD9, CD63, and CD81  antibodies validated for detection of EVs by flow or western.

biotium-blue-checkmark-1ExoBrite™ Streptavidin Magnetic Beads  for low background and highly sensitive EV capture.

biotium-blue-checkmark-1ExoBrite STORM CTB EV Staining Kits for detection of EVs by super-resolution STORM imaging.

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